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  RE/MAX Action Office News December 2004


I'm excited to announce this first issue of our RE/MAX Action Office Monthly Newsletter. Over the coming months I hope to pass on to everyone some interesting office updates, training schedules, technology tips, sales tips and more! With all of the email and printed material we receive it's sometimes hard to determine which things are worth reading. So, with that in mind, I'm hopeful that you'll find the content of our Newsletter helpful and worth reading

The first couple weeks of December are the perfect time to review this past year's production, analyze your goals for next year and put together your 2005 Business Plan. I'll be hosting our 2005 Business Plan Workshop here at the office 10AM on Tuesday, December 7th. More info below

Lastly, I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving and I wish everyone a very joyous Holiday Season and a very Happy and Successful New Year.

Happy Home Selling!

Gary Jacklin, Broker/Owner


Congratulations RE/MAX Action Associates on another GREAT month!
Top Lister: Joyce Tangorra
Top Seller: Sue Daley
Top Commissions: Jude Marchetti
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Joe Stump
RE/MAX Action is pleased to welcome Don to our team. Don brings both Commercial and Residential Real Estate Sales experience to our team.


This is an update on how we are growing!!
#of Agents: 97,900
#of Offices: 5,239
# of Countries: 52
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Paul Padavana
"I could get back to selling Real Estate when I came to REMAX Action. I no longer had to worry about how many mortgages or title policies or home warranties or whatever I had to sell to earn my commission."
RE/MAX International
Vertical Balloon to Replace Tilted Version in '05
The strongest corporate symbol in real estate - the RE/MAX Balloon logo - is undergoing a subtle yet significant change. The long-time logo, a tilted balloon, will be replaced by a bolder, more contemporary, modern-looking vertical balloon. Follow the link for more info...
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RE/MAX International
Montreal Agent's Career Has Flourished 
Starting from scratch less than four years ago, Carole Pinto has become a top seller by following a smart plan. Follow the link for more info...
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Real Estate Technology Tips
Organize your email leads
Use individual folders in Outlook Express to organize all of your email leads. Create a folder named for each of your listings ie; Main 2435, Maple 1550. Store each email lead in the corresponding property folder.

To create a new folder in Outlook Express: go to "File", "New", "Folder", select the main folder under which you want your new folder to be located, name your new folder, click OK. Now just slide emails from your "Inbox" to the folder in which you want to store your leads.


2005 Marketing Budget 

Creating Your Marketing Budget
Every small business determines a marketing budget in advance. My advice is, keep it simple. Everyone is trying to sell you something so know how much you are going to spend for 2005 in advance and stick to your budget. Your 2005 Marketing Budget starts with your 2005 Goals, which should be a part of your 2005 Business Plan. This can seem overwhelming but it's a critical part of your business' success. Remember at RE/MAX Action you are in business for yourself but not by yourself so be sure to attend our RE/MAX Action 2005 Business Plan workshop this December. Now, here are some of the steps we'll be covering for putting your Marketing Budget together.

  • Determine the source of your 2004 transactions (Ads, direct mail, signs, open houses, internet)
  • Determine the marketing techniques that are bringing you business.
  • Continue those marketing techniques that are working, drop those that are not. (Caution: remember that direct response marketing is different than long term self promotion such as a geographic farm which needs to be consistent (at least 1 mailing per month) over time (years). Don't drop that farm yet but be sure to determine if you're farming the right area.
  • Your 2005 budget dollar amount should be at least 10% of your 2005 Gross Commission Income Goal amount (before any split) INCOME GOAL X 10% = MARKETING DOLLARS TO SPEND
  • $100,000 X 10% = $10,000
  • You'll note that this figure can seem quite high depending on your goal but this is for the entire year for your own business. Every successful business needs to market. So does yours. Don't be a "Secret Agent"
  • Determine the yearly cost of the marketing that is working for you. You may find you have extra marketing dollars.  Allocate those extra dollars to your most successful marketing techniques to grow your business.

Additional Resources
RE/MAX Action Office Network offers many resources to help you with Business Planning, Goal Setting and Budgeting. (Agent Drive) 

Additional Resources
RE/MAX Mainstreet offers many resources to help you with Business Planning, Goal Setting and Budgeting
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Additional Resources
REALTOR.org offers resources to help you with Business Planning, Goal Setting and Budgeting   Click Here

Definition of "Burn-out"

Being at work and worrying about being home...
There's no faster way to burn out than to be always worried that you should be somewhere else. You've heard the saying "Be where you are when you're there", it's true. You can't be effective at work if you're worried that you should be at home with your family and you can't enjoy your time with your family if you are worried about what you should be doing at work. So, Enjoy being where you are when you're there. And by the way, it's OK to turn off your phone for a while. Enjoy the time with your family uninterrupted. When you're at work, enjoy doing your work, uninterrupted.  You'll get more done in less time.

"This is the beginning of a new day. You have been given this day to use as you will. You can waste it or use it for good. What you do today is important because you are exchanging a day of your life for it. When tomorrow comes, this day will be gone forever; in its place is something that you have left behind...let it be something good." 

Author Unknown

December 7th 10:00AM

RE/MAX Action Business Plan Workshop
10:00AM Tuesday, December 7th at the office. Get 2005 off to a booming start! We'll be working together to help you develop your personal 2005 Business Plan. We'll be covering your past business analysis, goal setting, marketing budgets and more... Should last about 2-3 hours so set the time aside. To gain the most from the workshop, bring a list of all of this past year's transactions and their "source". To put together a more comprehensive plan, bring in your previous 5 years transactions.

December 14th 11:00AM
RE/MAX Action Monthly Office Meeting/Christmas Luncheon
11:00AM Tuesday, December 14th at the office. You don't want to miss our in-office celebration!
December 16th
RE/MAX Holiday Bash
Drury Lane Theater, Oakbrook, IL Everyone in attendance at the Holiday Bash will be entered into a drawing for a special “mystery prize” from SAC valued at approximately $500


TRIBUTE Appearances
TRIBUTE Performs at Ditka's Sports Dome 
Don't miss TRIBUTE'S Show 9:00PM, Saturday, December 11th at Ditka's Sports Dome, 730 N Bolingbrook Dr Bolingbrook, IL 60440 Follow the link for more info...
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Whisky Brothers Special Appearance
The Whiskey Brothers Irish Christmas Show at Duke O'Brien's 
Don't miss Whiskey Brothers Show 7:00PM, Saturday, December 18th at Duke O'Brien's, 110 North Main Street,  Crystal Lake,  IL 60014(815) 356-9980 Follow the link for more info...
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