Welcome Home RE/MAX Action Newsletter - September 2005

  RE/MAX Action Office News September 2005


I hope everyone has had a wonderful summer.  I apologize for the delay in our RE/MAX Action Newsletter.  As you can see we have been extremely busy with welcoming our newest Sales Associates to the RE/MAX Action Team.  Also, as you all know by now we have put in new Top-of-the-Line Printers and not to mention the new State-of-the-Art, Multi Task, Copier.  On an even brighter note we are looking forward to opening our RE/MAX Action Branch Office in Oak Brook, scheduled to open in early October. 

Happy Home Selling!

Gary Jacklin, Broker/Owner


Congratulations RE/MAX Action Associates on another GREAT month!
Top Lister: Jude Marchetti
Top Seller: Scott Bliss
Top Commissions: Shirley Sze
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Bridgette Dunn - RE/MAX Action is pleased to welcome Bridgette to our team! Bridgette comes to us from RE/MAX Elite.


Tom Greenberg - RE/MAX Action is excited to welcome Tom to our Team!
Jeanne Dominguez - We are pleased to have Jeanne as part of our RE/MAX Action Team!


Christina Imes - RE/MAX Action is pleased to welcome Christina to our Team! Christina works with Pris Imes and Bob Baldwin as part of The Jacklin/Imes Team.
Linnawaty Ang - RE/MAX Action is pleased to welcome Linna to our Team! Linna comes to us from RE/MAX East West.  


Jane McCormick - Please welcome Jane McCormick to our RE/MAX Action Team!
Kate Lippencott - RE/MAX Action is pleased to welcome Kate to our Team!  Kate and Jane are working together as a team. 


Carole Baloun - RE/MAX Action is pleased to welcome Carole to our Team! Carole comes to us from RE/MAX Enterprises.
Hermes Santiago Melo - Please welcome Santiago to our RE/MAX Action Team!


Debra Pawlowicz - RE/MAX Action is pleased to welcome Debbie to our Team!
Jaime Hernandez - RE/MAX Action is pleased to welcome Jaime to our Team!

This is an update on how we are growing!!
#of Agents: Over 100,000
#of Offices: Over 5,400
# of Countries: Over 53
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Janet Brown
"I can't believe it... since making the changes you recommended to my website the other day, I've gone from 75 hits to 125!  That's unbelievable... Thanks so much!"

RE/MAX International

RE/MAX International will adopt a new Internet listings strategy early in 2006, Dave Liniger announced Thursday. Once the program is fully rolled out, consumers will be able to view all residential property listings in the United States on remax.com. The new initiative will also include a free lead-generation and management program for Associates.

In response to a recent Mainstreet article, four more RE/MAX Associates have sent in their ideas to promote themselves and their businesses. Do you have a personal promotion strategy that works well - one that other Associates could learn from?

RE/MAX Sales Associates conduct listing presentations in a variety of ways. Read what other Associates have to say and contribute your own ideas.

Seattle Associates Elaine Eigeman and Daniel Schalke have found a lucrative niche market: selling "floating homes," otherwise known as house boats, on the Seattle waterfront.

Ken Richmond and Rolfe Kratz conduct a continuing education class, "Technology Driving Your Success," that teaches tech fundamentals to Virginia agents.


Real Estate Technology Tips
Make the most of your website database
Use your website database to manage all of your contact management needs. With the latest enhancements to our website contact manager you can import and export contacts, schedule automated campaigns and more! You will no longer have to maintain multiple databases for prospects, geographic farms, current clients and sphere of influence contacts for sending mailers, scheduling appointments, etc...

Don't miss this month's "Tech Session" after our Office meeting, I'll be demonstrating how to truly automate all of your contact management and prospecting tasks including farm mailings, email campaigns, scheduling and more! Plus the newest Front Desk services which will help you list and sell with better client service in less time!


5 Money Making Questions 

"When are you folks planning on moving?"
The old adage "The more things change, the more they stay the same." has never been more true than how certain statistics are proving when it comes to internet lead conversion we can actually get back to basics. Long before this thing called "The Internet", many of us built our base business when we first entered Real Estate Sales by good old "Door Knocking" and "Cold Calling". The more we did the easier it was, well back in 1992 I participated in Bill Nasby's Door Knocking seminar where I learned the following 5 questions which have been responsible for more transactions than I can count...

  • So, when are you folks planning on moving?
  • How long have you owned your home?
  • Where did you move from?
  • If you could move anywhere, where would that be?
  • When will that be?

These 5 questions whether door knocking or talking with friends at a party have helped me build my prospect database of anyone planning on moving in 2 years of less. Once I determined that 1 time frame, "WHEN", I went to work for them long before they realized that they needed me. Here's the interesting corelation to the internet. The average time from the time an internet prospect contacts an agent to the time that prospect actually buys is 1 to 2 years. So, it's truly back to basics, don't be discouraged that your internet prospects are not responding to you immediately, be patient and take the time to develop and nurture your "virtual" relationship. Offer informative information over time, don't hound your prospects to buy or sell today, statistically they may not be ready for a year or two. Your job is to go to work for them before they know they need you and be the Realtor they choose when they know they do need you.

Additional Resources
RE/MAX Action Office Network offers many additional resources for prospecting. (Agent Drive) 

Additional Resources
RE/MAX Mainstreet offers many resources to help you with prospecting.
   Click Here

Additional Resources
REALTOR.org offers resources to help you with prospecting.    Click Here


Be optimistic...
"There are no problems, only challenges and solutions!" This has been my otto for quite some time now. With so many things outside of our control, staying focused on the things within our control can help us keep on track. The way I see it, a positive can be found in just about any situation. You may just have to look a little deeper to find it.

"Failure should be our teacher, not our undertaker. Failure is delay, not defeat. It is a temporary detour, not a dead end." 

Author - Denis Waitley, writer and speaker

March 9th 10:00AM

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March 9th 12:00PM
RE/MAX Action Monthly Tech Session
11:30AM Tuesday, January 11th at the office. You'll learn how to use your website contact manager/client database to manage all of your activities, provide better service in less time, and more! You don't want to miss it!


TRIBUTE Appearances
TRIBUTE Performs 
Don't miss TRIBUTE'S upcomming Shows. Follow the link for more info...
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Whiskey Brothers Appearances

Whiskey Brothers Perform 
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  • Sunday, March 13th, 12:30PM-3:30PM, Dirty Nellie's, Palatine
  • Thursda, March 17th, 7:30PM-10:30PM, Dirty Nellie's, Palatine